Do you ever feel like the whole world’s shaking and you can’t breathe and you just wanna run back and restart, remembering to say your goodbyes and I love yous. I wanna go back, please take me back.

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So i am now a sub of a couple. They arent married just dating. Im their kitty i let them fuck, use and play with me whenever. Im also their babysitter. I think im falling in love with my owner the man.. what do i do?



Thus is hard for me to answer as I’m the male role in the family I own…the only advise I can give is there is a line. Remember where the line is and try your damndest not to cross it. Remember, your a tool for the couple…not just him. Him mostly but none the less for the couple. They trust you to stay on this side of the line and to help them. They have a vanilla family and they have brought you into it. It’s ok to love. Love hard!! but know the line and respect it.

I’m going to let star add to the answer as she’s the one in your spot. I really hope it works out and wish you the best. If you need any more advise…please please don’t hesitate to ask!!!

Anything to add star?

Sir Pent

You need to love both. If you don’t you create an imbalance. I’m lucky enough I found a fantastic couple that I love both and I know I need both of them in my life to be happy.
It’s very important that you respect the girlfriend’s wants and wishes as well as his. Keep in mind she’s his number one. He is going to follow her wishes in their relationship. Please them both. love them both. Recognize that balance is needed or it will all fall apart.
I hope this helps.